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Five Fun Activities for Kids in Jerusalem

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While you may not be able to get enough of Jerusalem's history, heritage and special atmosphere, there’s only so much religion, archeology and sightseeing most kids can take. Stop any complaining in its tracks with these kid-friendly attractions.

Five Fun Activities for Kids in Jerusalem

The Israel Museum - Jerusalem

Bring budding artists (and art critics) to The Israel Museum. Let off energy running around in the outdoor art garden, go back in time with the model of the Second Temple and make sure to explore the Youth Wing. The collection includes toys dolls, games and childhood objects and even if your kids claim they don’t like museums, this is one place you’ll have to drag them away from.

The Israel Museum Jerusalem - Youth Wing Call: +972 2 670 88 11 / in Israel: 02 670 88 11 / E-mail:

The Jerusalem Biblical Zoo

You can’t bring the kids to Jerusalem without visiting the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo.

Enjoy the animals (the museum is renowned for its collection of wildlife mentioned in the Old Testament), take a ride on the zoo train or just kick back after all your sightseeing and relax in the landscaped grounds.

The Jerusalem Biblical Zoo Call: +972 2 675 01 11 / in Israel: 02 675 0111

Jerusalem Botanical Gardens

Young explorers will love the Jerusalem Botanical Gardens. There’s a special Children’s Discovery Trail that winds through the central section of the gardens.

Ask at the ticket desk for a Young Scientist’s Backpack, which has activities and a magnifying glass to turn a visit to the gardens into an immersive experience.

Jerusalem Botanical Gardens Call: +972 2 679 4012 / in Israel: 02 679 4012 / E-mail:

Scavenger Hunt

Get your kids thinking with a themed Scavenger Hunt. Choose from a dash around the Jewish Quarter of the Old City, run around the MachaneYehudah Market or explore Mount Zion through biblical texts (or choose from one of the many other routes available).

The family-friendly hunts are aimed at children aged six and up and will have your kids clamoring for more (just don’t tell them they’re actually learning as well as having fun!).

Scavenger Hunt Jerusalem Call: +972 52 83 58 072 / in Israel: 052 83 58 072


Teddy Park Jerusalem

End a day in the Old City with a visit to Teddy Park. Located close to Jaffa Gate, the park commemorates the work of Jerusalem Mayor Teddy Kollek, but the big draw for kids (and adults) is the water fountain at the heart of the park.

Cool off in the fountain during the day and enjoy an added sound-and-light fountain show each night at 8pm, 9pm and 10pm. There is no shade in the park, so visit towards evening when the sun is less strong.

Entrance Free ! Teddy Park Jerusalem Words: Danielle Max

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