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Life’s a Beach in Tel Aviv

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There’s something for everyone in Tel Aviv, and that’s certainly true of the 13 beaches that line the coast of this 24-hour city.

While the beaches are open to everyone (except for the religious beach, which has separate hours for men and women), each one has its own vibe and personality. Tel Aviv Beach

The Hilton TLV - Beach

Located just below the Hilton Hotel, is known as they gay friendly beach (but it’s open and welcoming for everyone). Hilton Tel Aviv Beach It is also one of the city’s most accessible with two beach wheelchairs available on a first-come, first-served basis during official hours. There is also an accessible ramp stretching down almost until the water point.

Dog friendly Beach

You only have to be in Tel Aviv for five minutes to realize Tel Avivians love their dogs; a lot. They love them so much there are four dedicated dog beaches. So, if you like pooches, but don’t want to share the beach with them (or if you love them so much you can’t think of anything better than swimming with the doggies), here’s the rundown. Dogs are welcome at the Hilton Beach; at the beach south of Tel Baruch Beach; at Alma Beach (Charles Clore Beach); and south of Givat Aliyah Beach, which is a quiet spot in Jaffa.

"Religious" Beach

Tel Aviv also has a religious beach that offers separate bathing hours for men and women. Located at Hof HaDatyim (Nordau Beach), just south of Metzizim, the beach alternates between opening hours for men and women, so check before you go to make sure you are there on the right day. Religious beach Tel Aviv

Family friendly - Gordon, Frishman and Tel Baruch Beaches

If you are traveling with kids and want a less crowded and more family friendly beach experience, head north of Tel Aviv to Tel Baruch beach. With its position away from the main hotel and beach drag, it’s a great spot for a family day out and less packed and hectic than the beaches further south. Frishman Beach Tel Aviv Finally, if you are just looking for a patch of sand and some beautiful water, we recommend the beach at Gordon/Frishman. It’s a fun spot for everyone in the heart of the city. Tel Aviv Beach Rules To make sure you are comfortable, you can rent a reclining beach chair for 12 nis a day, a beach chair for 6 nis and an umbrella for 6 nis.

Tel Aviv Beach Rules

No matter where you set up your spot, don’t forget that even the free and easy beaches of Tel Aviv have safety rules you must follow.

Only swim when and where there are lifeguards on duty. They operate from May-October and start their shifts at 7am until the late afternoon/early evening, depending on the time of year. During these hours, they are not only guarding the beach, but will also be able to dispense first aid. Tel Aviv Beach Rules

You should also pay attention to the flags that fly at the guarded beaches. When the white flag is fluttering, the water is calm. A red flag means you should exercise caution in the water, while a black flag signals danger and tells you not to enter. There’s also a purple flag, which showsthe water is infested with jellyfish. For your own good, when you see it flying, stick to posing on the beach and steer clear of the water. The jellyfish arriveen-masse in the early summer (just when the weather is heating up, of course) and stick around for between four and six weeks.

Words by: Danielle Max

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