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How to organise a private tour in Israel

It’s your first time visiting Israel and you find the prospect of going solo daunting? You visited with a group tour before and this time want to delve more deeply into the country’s rich offering? Or for you a private tour with a dedicated guide is the only option when travelling? Private Tour Guide Jerusalem Whatever the reason, there are many advantages to visit Israel with a dedicated licensed Tour Guide. Here are some tips on how to plan your private tour in Israel:

Choose the duration of your private tour

When choosing a private tour guide you can decide whether you want a one-day tour focusing on a specific destination, such as Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Tel Aviv, the Dead Sea, or the North of Israel. Private Tour Israel You can also create a seven to 10 days full itinerary throughout which you’ll be driven to the sites that you and your tour guide selected. The length of time you book your private Tour Guide for will depend on your own budget and availability.

Consider the practicalities

You can opt for a private walking tour — for instance in the Old City of Jerusalem or around Tel Aviv and Jaffa’s most vibrant spots — or a tour with a private driver for multi-stop itineraries. The latter means that regardless of the level of fitness of the participants of the tour, you’ll be able to access all the sites you’re interested in. Private Tour Car You’ll also enjoy the convenience of private air-conditioned transportation at all time during your tour.

Choose the most suitable tour guide for you

Our Tour Guides are licensed by the Ministry of Tourism in Israel and have gone through thorough studies and examinations. While you can be assured of the quality of every single of them, you need to find out who’s the best match for you.

Criteria to consider include the language you wish the tour to be in, the Tour Guide’s availability at the dates of your intended visit, and the geographical area you wish to explore. Private Tour Guide in Israel Another important factor is your personal interests. Do you wish the focus of the tour to be on religion, archaeology, history, or nature? Or are you more of an active traveller and want to take part in physical activities such as horse riding, diving, or climbing?

Maybe it’s a mix of the cultural and the sporty that attracts you. In any case, you’ll be able to tailor-make your journey based on what really interests you.

Connect with your Tour Guide prior arrival to Israel

We recommend you exchange as much as possible with your Tour Guide prior to the tour. Opt for the best way for you — email, phone calls, skype or whatsapp — to discuss your planned tour in as many details as you feel necessary.

This communication before the trip will enable your Tour Guide to have a clear idea of what you want and help him/her create the best itinerary for you. It will also help you finalize your budget by checking what’s included in the tour (entrance fees to museums, national parks, activities) or what needs to be paid additionally. Connect with your Tour Guide This is also the best time to gather information for your whole vacation.

Don’t hesitate to ask your Tour Guide for advice on where to stay and where to eat. Licensed Tour Guides are an excellent source of information when it comes to hotels and restaurants and having discussed your itinerary and interests together they’ll know what suits you and your travel companions best.

One-stop Israel travel shop

For all the other practical details such as airport transfers, hotel bookings and any required coordination on the ground, you can rely on IBookIsrael’s Office Travel Manager who will be available prior and during your tour to assist you with any question you might have. IbookIsrael One-stop shop A one-stop destination, IBookIsrael enables you to plan your entire trip through, from choosing your licensed Private Guide to booking all the add-ons.

Words: Sonia Esther Soltani

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