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Avinoam Glick

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Avinoam Glick Guide Profile
Name Avinoam Glick
Gender Male
City of Residence Jerusalem
Primary Languages English
Guide since 1960
Licensed since 1960
For the past 20 years Avinoam has acted as a full-time guide for large numbers of English-speaking tourists - individuals, families and Jewish/Christian groups. He also conducts tours for Jewish organizations like UJC and for official guests of the Israeli Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Defense.
Thanks to a strong rapport with people, Avinoam enjoys excellent relations with his clients.

Avinoam Glick was born in Israel, is married and the father of a four year old daughter, and lives in Jerusalem. After his release from the IDF, he studied archaeology and professional photography.
He worked for seven years as the official photographer for archeological  teams in Old Jerusalem.
Avinoam specialized in the archeology of Old Jerusalem, and his photographs were published in various books, albums on that topic. In 1980 he completed a two year tourist guide course with the Ministry of Tourism. Avinoam speaks English fluently, and among his hobbies are the environment, dogs and hiking.
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Guiding Locations
  • Acre (Akko)
  • Masada
  • Israel
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