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Igor Tsaritsyn

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Igor Tsaritsyn Guide Profile
Name Igor Tsaritsyn
Gender Male
Age 59
City of Residence Herzliyya
Primary Languages Russian, English, Hebrew
Other Languages Arabic
Guide since 2008
Licensed since 2010
Summary Hello! My name is Igor Tsaritsyn, and I am the free-lance tour guide in the Holy Land.After six years of working mainly with Russian Orthodox Christian pilgrims, I am prepared to offer my skill for the English-speaking market. I am willingly show you the sacred spots, the churches, fortresses and their natural setting – everything you wish to find and explore in Israel and Palestine.The Holy Land is served by thousands of guides with fluent professional English, so, why me, someone who is Russian Orthodox?

There are three reasons why you should consider my expertise.First, since I am an observant Christian, I can give you more insider’s knowledge about many places, like churches and monasteries, than most respected non-Christian colleagues can.Second, I was trained as a scientist so I have a habit of routinely examining all recent reports of excavations (Rujm el-Hiri, Hippos, Montfort etc.) and checking them with my own eyes.Third, I am easy-going, and I love the nature.With my own personal touch, I will create for you the best route plan!
Guiding Locations
  • Jerusalem
  • Acre (Akko)
  • North Israel
  • Nazareth
  • Masada
  • Dead Sea
  • Israel
  • Safed
  • Caesarea
  • Negev
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Guided Tours in Israel with Tour Guide Igor Tsaritsyn
Guided Tours in Israel with Tour Guide Igor Tsaritsyn
Guided Tours in Israel with Tour Guide Igor Tsaritsyn