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Michael Friedmann Saar

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Michael Friedmann Saar Guide Profile
Name Michael Friedmann Saar
Gender Male
Age 72
City of Residence Modiin
Primary Languages German, English
Other Languages Hebrew
Guide since 1991
Licensed since 1991
Born in Israel 1948 during the “Independence war” to parents “illegally” immigrated to Israel under British Mandate in 1940. Being expelled by the British to Mauritius they could come back again only in 1945.
About three years later I was born. German was still spoken at home for a few years.
After graduating High School I became a paratrooper in the I.D.F. My younger brother has become a pilot in the Israeli Air-Force. He fell in the 1973 Yom-Kippur war being at the age of 21. 
Later I worked a lot of years as a specialist for advertisement. In my forties I felt the burning desire to make a big change in my professional life. I decided to combine my favorite passions: History and archaeology in a new profession: tour-guiding.  A decision I never regret. 

After studying for two years I was authorized as a tour guide in Israel by the Ministry of Tourism. Since then - which is over 20 years- I passionately guide tourists from every corner of our planet.  

Israel is rather a small country still it has an lot to offer: in terms of national parks, historic sites and all kind of landscapes.  Israel has turned its deserts into flourishing land by advanced irrigation-systems and intensive research. Israel has a fascinating history but has achieved a lot becoming the most advanced country in the whole region. I like to pass- over the diversity and complexity of this wonderful country to my tourists. I like to send people home at the end of a trip with lots of knowledge but by far more with questions marks.  
History always was my preferred subject. As a tour guide I find it very helpful. 
Experiencing Israel all my life gives my guiding its special flavor. 

I used to hang glide and still drive my Motorcycle. I love very much to play with my little granddaughter Arielle . 

Transportation I drive with joy my 16 seats Mercedes well equipped Bus (air-condition, free Wifi, personal DVD-screens, 220 V+ currency).
Guiding Locations
  • Jerusalem
  • Tel Aviv
  • Acre (Akko)
  • North Israel
  • Nazareth
  • Eilat
  • Haifa
  • Masada
  • Dead Sea
  • Israel
  • Safed
  • Caesarea
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Guided Tours in Israel with Tour Guide Michael Saar
Guided Tours in Israel with Tour Guide Michael Saar