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Oren Solell

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Oren Solell Guide Profile
Name Oren Solell
Gender Male
Age 51
City of Residence Tel Aviv
Primary Languages English
Other Languages Hebrew
Guide since 2009
Licensed since 2009
Short intro (start): The following happened several decades ago. Suddenly, I heard a loud noise, and the ground shook. I opened my eyes and saw magical lights, heard glass tinkling and felt intense cold. I realized that I was experiencing a celestial revelation. Immediately afterwards, I heard a mighty voice from above calling my name over and over again, and felt my body being shaken. I opened my eyes and saw my father standing over me and telling me that my blanket had slipped off and we were about to land. The stewardess collected the tray with the noisy glasses, and when I put on my glasses – I realized that the magical lights I had seen were the runway lights. This all happened back in 1974, and I had indeed had a revelation. It may not have involved thunder, flame and pillars of smoke. The earth may not have shook, and the world not ceased to turn, but for the first time in my life – I was in the U.S. and had my first encounter with luxury vans. It was then I realized that there are forces beyond my control directing and destining me towards the greatest of tasks: driving a pampering luxury van, transporting guests, and touring Israel. 

Before I could say Jack Robinson, barely 40 years have elapsed, and voilà that's what I do today, but I do it my way – Oren’s Way. Short intro (cont.): Over the years from that “revelation” to the present day, I have acquired experience in numerous roles, from administration and computers to senior management, including negotiations and contacts with businesspeople from Japan, the US and Europe. 

This experience has provided me with an understanding of the needs and requirement of businesspeople. So while I had guests from overseas and focused on business management – I cultivated personal ties with suppliers / guests from overseas, and would often travel with them and drive them around the country, while my small dream of turning this into my main activity grew into a bigger dream. Short intro (end.): 

Strange and unforeseeable circumstances led me to realize my dream (fortunately for me), and since then I have been engaged full time in providing businesspeople and families from overseas with hospitality. In July 2009, I was officially certified as a licensed guide by the Ministry of Tourism – and if frequent traveler miles were awarded for all the kilometers I have accumulated on the road in Israel, I could have taken my entire family to the Caribbean – first class :).
Transportation Vehicle:

In May 2014 I purchased a new Chrysler Grand Voyager. An outstanding car with all the luxury you can desire. It runs smooth, it is comfortable , it is extremely exclusive so can be used for tourism and for your business meetings as well. 2 side electric doors, 2 captain seats for passengers, 3 more seats in back row, split (high power) air-conditioning, great stereo... Input for your MP3 player, 3 monitors, navigation system (or simply - GPS) and great light color beige leather seats. Seriously - what can you ask more?

Oh, you're right: It doesn't make coffee !
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  • Israel
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