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Tal Kazaz

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Tal  Kazaz Guide Profile
Tal Kazaz 5.0 based on 1 votes
Name Tal Kazaz
Gender Male
Age 32
City of Residence Tel Aviv
Primary Languages English
Other Languages Spanish, Hebrew
Guide since 2012
Licensed since 2014
Summary Join me for a fun, interesting & unique travel experience on your trip to Israel. 

My goal as a guide is to help make your visit an unforgettable one, fitting the experience to who you are, and to what excites & interests YOU about this diverse country. 

My services are made to fit all types of groups, whether you're vacationing with your family or looking for a break during a business trip; looking to go on a nature excursion or prefer the comfort of a 5 star hotel; visiting in the footsteps of a certain topic or wanting to get a taste of it all - everyone has their own Israel experience waiting for them - Lets find yours (: 

About me: 
Being born and raised in Jerusalem, as well as traveling around the world for years, I realized that my passion for my home was to know in depth and share with others, the different people, places and stories that connect together into the unique mosaic known as Israel.
Since that realization years ago, I've studied Israel's many sides through the academy as-well-as by foot, and have been granted a license from the ministry of Tourism to lead groups throughout the whole of the country, tell its stories and share its vivid colors with people visiting from all over the world. 

Reviews and recommendations: 
"The success of our trip to Israel was largely due to our guide, Tal Kazaz. Prior to our trip we were told multiple times that “the guide makes or breaks your trip”, and we now understand the meaning of that. Since we are a group of professionals in our sixties, we recognize excellence when we see it, and Tal delivered above and beyond our expectations by making Israel alive to us all." - Group Leaders Mark Bodycombe and Barb Kloos 

"Tal demonstrated an outstanding skill-set as a guide. He was extremely knowledgeable, encouraged questions, had excellent rapport with our group, was positive, encouraging, and, when needed, was flexible. It is clear that guiding tours is much more than a job for him. His passion for sharing his knowledge of Israel past and present was obvious to all. Tal has left me with a feeling of great thankfulness that I was able to have him as a tour guide as well as a desire to continue learning about Israel. As a career educator, I especially appreciate his teaching skills, including his ability to intuitively know what the group was interested in and to communicate clearly and enthusiastically. He is unquestionably the most competent and likable guide I have ever had." - Joel Williamson
Interests A big interest of mine is history - general and biblical - which is why I specialized in Bible & Christian studies through the respected institute of "Yad Ben Zvi" in Jerusalem. 

Music, learning new cultures and exploring nature are also some of my passions. I play a few musical instruments, and enjoy traveling inside and outside of Israel on my free time, as well as guiding Israeli groups outside of Israel to destinations such as India and Nepal.
Transportation I use a comfortable form of transport - well experienced, known and trusted taxi drivers, who commonly work with guides and the tourism industry.
Since traffic can be a hassle sometimes in Israel, this allows our group to arrive on spot to our next location, without the need to find parking or spend time on anything besides touring & enjoying.
Guiding Locations
  • Jerusalem
  • Tel Aviv
  • Acre (Akko)
  • North Israel
  • Nazareth
  • Eilat
  • Haifa
  • Masada
  • Dead Sea
  • Israel
  • Safed
  • Caesarea
  • Negev
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Tour Guide Tal Kazaz
Tour Guide Tal Kazaz
Tour Guide Tal Kazaz
Tour Guide Tal Kazaz
Tour Guide Tal Kazaz
Tour Guide Tal Kazaz