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Air Force Museum

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On June 20, 1991, the Israeli Air force Museum opened on Hatzerim Air force base, located south of Beersheva. The Museum is dedicated to preserving the history of the Israeli Air Force (IAF); as well as to future generations: teaching this history and the role of the IAF in protecting the State of Israel.

The museum includes a giant outdoor tarmac; you are invited to walk around and get close to the planes. See the diverse collection of aircrafts including more than 140 planes, as well as anti-aircraft pieces such as missiles and missile launchers. Some of the airplane models on display were never used, some were targeted during combat, and others are enemy aircrafts Israel captured during one of its many wars.

In addition to the outdoor exhibit, there is an indoor section. Inside, the permanent display tells the story of the Israeli Air Force: its founding members, its history and its moments of triumph and defeat. Nearby is a display about pilots. It includes pilot apparel, and safety gear. The exhibit explain how pilots deal with emergency situations, such as using ejection seats and landing in far from ideal locations. There is also a display presenting the different types of equipment pilots take along on flights.