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Bedouin Encounter

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The Bedouin are tribal people with roots throughout the entire Arabian Peninsula. Originally, they led a nomadic lifestyle dictated by water resources and the surrounding landscape. Today, in Israel, the majority of them are sedentary; living in homes with access to running water and electricity. 

Even though many societal changes have impacted the Bedouin, they still hold on to many of their core traditions, honor codes, law codes, and religious obligations. They are perhaps best known for their hospitality, which places a strong emphasis on embracing the stranger and welcoming him into their home.

On this tour, you will visit a Bedouin village re-created to look and feel like the way life was like before modern technology. You will be invited to sit on cushions and mattresses inside of a large tent. While a village representative explains what life used to be like for the Bedouin, as well as their unique customs, you will be offered spiced tea. The tea will be followed by bitter coffee. Before Lunch, you will be able to visit the on-site farm and ride a camel or donkey. 

The Bedouins will prepare a (kosher) lunch for you to enjoy back in the tent. As it is customary, you will eat the family style meal off a large platter, while sitting on the floor. Forks optional!