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Beit Hatfustot

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Beit Hatfutsot (The Museum of the Jewish People)

Beit Hatfutsot (The Museum of the Jewish People) also known simply as The Diaspora Museum, is located in Ramat Aviv on the campus of Tel Aviv University. This building serves as an interactive center connecting Jews to their heritage. Here you will learn about Jewish history and narrative, Jews in the modern era and the future of the Jewish people.

Through the hardships and joy; the museum takes you on a journey covering more than 4000 years of Jewish history, spanning 7 continents. The museum’s famous permanent exhibition incorporates core themes such as family, community, faith, culture, war and catastrophe, the role of Jews around the world and the Zionist movement which paved the way to the creation of Modern Israel. The museum incorporates multimedia presentations, artwork, scale models, reconstructions, original artifacts and documentary films to provide you with an understanding of Jewish Peoplehood and your role as a diaspora Jew.

The museum also includes an extensive archive collection, documentation of Jewish communities and genealogy, as well as a comprehensive education center serving teachers and young people. 

Please note: at the time of this writing, some sections of the museum were still in the process of being renovated integrate new technologies and stay relevant to modern-day Jewish communities.