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Bet Shean

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Beit Shean is Israel’s largest archeological park and is state protected. Located at the intersection of the Jordan River Valley and the Jezeel Valley, this area contains the footprints of thousands of years of history and its varied civilizations. Archeologists estimate that the earliest inhabitants lived here during the Bronze Age. As the years passed, Beit Shean continued to benefit from successes of the Egyptian period, the Iron Age, the Hellenist Period, Roman Era, Byzantine Era, Arab Caliphate, Crusader Period, Mamluk Period, and Ottoman Period.

Portions of the city walls remain intact, helping give visitors a glimpse into the city’s layout. You will be able to walk through ancient streets, passing by towering columns, to the immaculately preserved 7000-seat Roman amphitheater. Here, during the Roman Empire, gladiators would fight to their death as spectators cheered on their favorite warrior.

In Beit Shean, Archeologists discovered what they believe to be a public bathhouse originating from the Byzantine Era. This particular bathhouse, is the largest bathhouse to be uncovered in Israel thus far.