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Caesarea National Park is located along Israel’s Mediterranean coast on the spot believed to be Straton’s Tower. The city was built by Herod the Great, sometime between 25-13 BCE. Around 22 BCE, Herod built a harbor, markets, roads, baths, temples and various other buildings and statues. He started the tradition of holding sporting competitions, gladiator games and theatrical products in the amphitheater. Today the original Roman amphitheater is used as a venue by some of the largest names in the music industry, as well as for the multi-day annual Caesarea Jazz Festival.

It was not until the mid-1900s that archaeologists discovered Crusader walls. They also discovered a double aqueduct which was believed to have brought in water from nearby springs. Aside from all the interesting archaeological finds one can see in the the park, Caesarea was recently named as the world’s first underwater museum. Divers holding waterproof maps can now follow marked trails to 36 places of importance.

After a brief multimedia presentation, you will understand what the area used to look like. You will understand all the civilizations that once called this magnificent place home. You will have the opportunity to walk through this impressive park, taking in the ancient ruins while walking along the Mediterranean Sea.