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Church of the Annunciation

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The Church of Annunciation, also sometimes called the Church of Basilica of the Annunciation, is located in the city of Nazareth, in northern Israel. This church was built in what is now the city center of Nazareth. It was here where it was believed that Jesus’ parents, Joseph and Mary lived. Located on the lower level of the church, known today as Mary’s Cave, is the place believed to have been a well where Mary would draw water. According to Catholic tradition, this is also the location where the Virgin Mary discovered that she was pregnant with Jesus.

The current church, that you see today, was built in 1969, designed by Italian architect Giovanni Muzio. It stands on the remains of other churches. The first church was built in this location around 427 A.D. The church was destroyed and rebuilt multiple times throughout history. 

Today the church is known as being one of the largest churches in The Middle East. It is a massive two story building. There is a generous sized hall reserved for worshippers. In addition, there is the holy cave and the remains of the previous churches that once stood in this space. All are open to visitors.