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Daliat el-Carmel

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Located on the beautiful and picturesque Mount Carmel, Daliat el-Carmel is the largest Druze village in Israel; an estimated 16,000 Druze live here. The village is well known in Israel for its expansive market which sells traditional sweets and freshly made bread on the weekends.

The village also contains an oil press (still in use) in which new technologies have been integrated with the old, making the process of producing olive oil faster and easier. Druze serve alongside other Israelis in the army. Many Druze have served in high level positions and elite units.  So far, 350 Druze from the area have fallen in combat. Beit Yad LaBanim serves as a memorial to them. Their names are listed on a giant plaque. Beit Yad LaBanim is also a community center with space for meetings, as well as sports facilities. 

On this visit, you will be treated to a luncheon at a local Druze restaurant. There you will enjoy delicious salads, home-made bread served with labneh, (traditional Middle Eastern sour yogurt), in addition to a main course.  You will also have the opportunity to meet with a village resident who is a Druze member. He will talk about this fascinating ethnic minority, their religious beliefs and customs, socio-economic situation and role in Israeli society.