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Davidson Visitor Center

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Davidson Archaeological Park

The Davidson Archaeological Park includes both the Davidson Center and the Jerusalem Archeological Park. They are both located at the southwestern portion of the Old City Wall, easily accessible by walking through the Dung Gate.

The Davidson Center is a recent addition built adjacent to the Archeological Park in order for visitors to explore the area in depth and to put all of the ruins you will see into historical perspective. The architects faced numerous challenges when planning the Center such as: worrying about constructing a giant building on top of an excavation site, and the issue of the building becoming the new focal point for visitors who may not realize the archeological ruins in the surrounding area. Thus, the Davidson Center was designed as an ‘open museum’ in order to complement the existing site.

At the entrance of the Center, there is has a comprehensive, 5000 year timeline on display. It begins at Bronze Age, and ends with information pertaining to the Muslim periods. Here you can see a reconstruction of the Herodian Temple as it is believed to have looked before its destruction in 70 CE.  You will have an opportunity to watch a brief movie chronicling the 150 year excavation project. Another short film examines the Second Temple Period and looks specifically at Jewish pilgrimage to Jerusalem during this time period.
Some of the incredible archeology you will see outside include: a ritual bath (mikva), remains of an ancient water system and remnants of the staircase that once led to the Temple Mount.