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Eilat IL

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Located toward the southern tip of Israel, just 30 Kilometers from Eilat, is Timna National Park. Spread over 15,000 acres of desert, the park contains: 20 walking trails, stunning archaeological findings, early art, a replica of the Tabernacles, and recreation facilities. The park is perfect for those interested in archeology, art and/or sports; as well as a great place for families and children.
The park is perhaps most famous for its historic role in copper mining. The world’s first copper mine is located here; archeologists estimate that the copper was mined as early as the 5th century BCE.

Surrounding the park are steep sandstone cliffs. One of the most well-known attractions is Salomon’s Pillars. These pillars were formed as a result of water eroding the cliffs overtime. 
For art lovers, it is possible to view ancient rock drawings depicting battle scenes as well as what life was like thousands of years ago. Another interesting find is the colored sand which occurs naturally. The sand varies in color from red, yellow, orange, grey, brown and black. Closest to the copper mines, the sand is light green and blue. 
Recent (man-made) additions to the park include an artificial lake and the equipment to do outdoor sports such as cycling, rappelling and a zip line. There is also an onsite restaurant and camping facilities. These facilities include tents, showers and toilets.