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Gan HaShlosha - Sachne

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Hidden in Israel’s mountainous north, located near the city of Beit Shean, is this tropical oasis. The Hebrew name directly translates to ‘The Park of Three.’ The park was given this name as a memorial to the three men who were killed by a roadside landmine in 1938 as they were surveying the land of behalf of the Jewish National Fund. The park is also sometimes referred to as Sachne which is Arabic for ‘Hot’.

The parks is famous for its natural hot springs which remain at a constant 28 degrees Celsius, making swimming not only possible but enjoyable 365 days a year. Originally only one stream crossed through the park. The stream was split off and made wider to accommodate three separate pools, which is what you will see today. The park also contains a relaxing ‘natural jacuzzi’ situated under a stunning waterfall.

The park is well equipped and ready for visitors. On site are changing facilities, showers, and lifeguards. If you prefer not to swim, you can also rest in the lush grass under a shady tree, watch small fish swim around the pools, take your children to the onsite playground or purchase snacks at the refreshment stand.