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Golan Heights Army Base

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It is almost impossible to understand Israeli society and politics without closely examining its history. One of Israel’s most defining events was the Sixth-Day War. And, in the Golan Heights some of the most important battles were fought.

Leading up to the Six-Day War, Tel Facher was the strongest and most important Syrian base in the Golan. But everything changed after a mere 31 hours of intense fighting between the Israeli forces and the Syrian army. Israel won the battle and with it the land. In the process, 31 Israeli soldiers perished and another 82 were wounded. On the Syrian side, 62 lives were lost and close to 20 soldiers became Israeli prisoners of war. 

Today, many of the tanks, trenches and bunkers remain exactly as they were during the battle. What has changed is this area is no longer a military base, but a memorial park honoring those who lost their lives for the State of Israel in this epic battle.

You will see the bunkers at Tel Facher while your guide explains the strategic importance of the Golan Heights not only in 1967, but today. You will also be treated to a stunning view of nature, spanning the Golan Heights.