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Golan Heights Jeep Tour

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Golan Heights Jeep Tour

The Golan Heights offers breathtaking views of nature and is the site of important Israeli history. This tour offers a rare opportunity to explore both—at the same time!

The tour will begin in the Quneitra Valley. You will ride a jeep along the winding path, passing by lush apple orchards, cherry trees, and fields. You’ll be able to feel the cool mountain breeze as the jeep descends the hills. If you look around, you may notice the remains of an army fortresses from the time when the Golan was part of Syria.

There will be a stop to climb a volcanic peak. From this vantage point, you will be able to see the UN Buffer Zone between Israel and Syria. You will also get to glimpse into the Syrian town of Quneitra.

Surrounded by flowers, shrubbery and hills, your guide will explain the area of the Golan in depth; its history and geopolitical significance. You will learn about some of the significant battles that took place during the Six-Day War in 1967. You will learn about the local population, including the Druze who reside close by, their particular way of life and their role in Israeli society.