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Golan Heights Winery

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Located in the town of Katzrin, the Golan Heights Winery is the third largest winery in Israel. It exports 30 percent of all wine produced annually, to 32 countries around the globe. These wines have earned countless awards at international wine festivals in France, Italy and the UK. In 2012, Wine Enthusiast Magazine awarded the Golan Heights Winery its highly respected Wine Star Award. This was the first time in history that an Israeli winery was presented with the New World Winery of the Year award. 

It is no wonder this winery is often credited with establishing the wine industry in Israel; helping Israeli wines gain international acclaim and making sure that other Israeli wineries produce their products to the highest quality and standards possible. The Golan Heights winery produces wine under the labels: Golan, Yarden and Gamla. It is also the parent company of Galil Mountain Winery. At its disposal are 28 vineyards which cover almost 1500 acres of land. 

Tourists and Israelis alike are welcome to visit the winery. A guided tour will take you through the harvesting and production process. You will visit the oak barrel cellar. And of course have the opportunity to taste delicious wine! Should you wish to purchase wine or related accessories, there is an on-site shop for your convience.