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Israel Museum

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Israel Museum

Built in 1965, the Israel Museum in Jerusalem is located inside the picturesque neighborhood of Givat Ram; close to the Knesset Building and Hebrew University. It is known as Israel’s National Museum, as well as one of the best archeology museums in the world. In 2010, extensive renovations totaling approximately $100 Million USD concluded, giving the museum a complete facelift. The museum occupies 50,000 sq. meters.
It is visited annually by close to 1 million people who come from all over the world. The Israel Museum owns more than 500,000 objects spread throughout the Archeology Wing, Art of Jewish Life Wing, Modern Art Wing, Fine Art Wing, Youth Wing, Sculpture Garden, and Shrine of the Book.

The museum hosts talks by internationally known artists, archeologists and scholars.  There are rotating temporary exhibits in addition to the permanent collection. Its permanent exhibit includes a scale model of the Second Temple, the interior of a 1736 synagogue from Suriname, and a Muslim prayer rug from 17th century Persia.

If you are short on time, don’t leave without going to the Shrine of the Book.
Inside this oddly shaped building are the actual Dead Sea Scrolls. Found in Qumran, these 800 or so scrolls are believed to be the remnants of the oldest bible in the world. Archeologists believe they were scribed between 200 BC and 68 CE.