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Kessem Hagolan

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Kessem Hagolan is located in the Golan Heights, just a few kilometer from the town of Katzrin. The name Kessem Hagolan directly translates to “Golan Magic”, in English. At the visitor’s center, you have the opportunity to see an exciting, interactive, audiovisual presentation; projected onto the country’s only 180 degree screen. The presentation utilizes state-of-the-art technology to engage and captivate viewers, while, at the same time, providing an explanation of the geographical area known as the Golan. Its rich history, welcoming people, fertile land, and natural wonders come alive. 

After witnessing this award-winning presentation, you are invited to explore other areas of the visitor’s center. Marvel at the huge scale model of the Golan Heights. Examine various maps on display. Enjoy a cup of espresso at the on-site kosher diary restaurant/café. Visit the gift shop which offers interesting souvenirs, as well as high quality products. These include fine wines and olive oil,;all produced in the immediate vicinity of the Golan. 

Kessem Hagolan is conveniently located near a small shopping center.  In it is: a supermarket, pharmacy, and several fast-food restaurants. Outside there is also a playground for children and a nice picnic area; should you wish to sit down and eat something.