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Kibbutz Lavi

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Kibbutz Lavi

Kibbutz Lavi is a religious Kibbutz, located in the Lower Galilee, founded in 1949. Its founding members arrived as teenagers, part of the UK Bnei Akiva religious Zionist youth movement. Many of the founders were born in Germany and escaped to UK on the Kindertransport.

In general, The Kibbutz Movement was based on equality, community, socialism, and gender equality. Religion did not play a substantial role in most kibbutzim. Kibbutz Lavi is different than most of the Kibbutzim in Israel.
Because many of the funding members had families who perished during the holocaust, Kibbutz Lavi has put a strong emphasis on family. Since its inception, families have lived together. This was not true of Israel’s other Kibbutzim, where children ate with their parents in the dining hall but slept in separate quarters.Like all kibbutzim, Lavi has an industrial industry. Lavi is known for its carpentry. It manufactures seating and synagogue furniture for both local institutions and ones abroad. 

The members of Kibbutz Lavi have an on-site job but do not get paid a salary. Instead they receive a yearly stipend to cover the costs of food, housing, health services and personal items.

The Kibbutz Movement has been dying out and its future remains uncertain. Almost all of the original kibbutzim in Israel have privatized, trading the communal lifestyle with an individualist one. Kibbutz Lavi, has yet to succumb to societal pressures and remains much like it was in 1949.

Kibbutz Lavi has a beautiful guest house which you will be staying in. Internet access is available as well as your meals and a swimming pool.