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The Knesset

The Knesset is Israel’s parliament building. Inside, the 120 elected members of the Knesset are responsible for passing laws. The current building is located on a hill in Jerusalem’s Givat Ram neighborhood. It construction was completed in 1966 and funded by the wealth Frenchman James A. de Rothschild. Opposite the building is the public garden home to an elaborate array of plants and flowers from all over the world. It is also the place where Israel’s famous bronze menorah statue is located.

The bronze Menorah monument was conceptualized and built by Benham Elkan of the UK. In 1956 the menorah was gifted to Israel as a goodwill gesture from the British Government. The menorah sculpture is based on the symbol of Israel that was decided upon by the first elected government of Israel. This menorah is almost identical to Israel’s official state symbol.

The 5 meter tall statue took Elkan 6 years to create; the majority of those years were spent on research and planning. The final project is 7 branched menorah, which is engraved with important events, symbols, and terms all significant to Jewish History. The anchoring, center branch is engraved solely with the events most vital to Israel.