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Rosh HaNikra

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Rosh HaNikra

Situated on the northern most point of Israel’s west coast, just meters from the Lebanese border, is Rosh HaNikra. See the white cliff 200 meters tall with grottoes inside. These limestone grottoes were formed by ocean waves, which over time eroded the rock and produced some of the most beautiful rock formations in the world. 

To visit the grottoes, you will ride in one of the steepest cable cars in the world. The car descends 70 meters while maintaining a 60 degree angle. 
Once underground, in a tunnel, there will be a short video presentation explaining the geological features and history of the site.

Rosh HaNikra has been used throughout history as a portal for armies and trade, between countries such as Egypt, Israel, Lebanon and Syria. In 1943, a tunnel was created as part of plans to extend the Cairo-Haifa Railroad to Beirut. However, the new railroad line was never turned into a reality. Prior the War of Independence, in 1946, Jewish underground forces destroyed the tunnel in hopes that the transfer of weapons from bordering countries to the Arab forces in Palestine, would be halted and eventually all together stopped. To this day, the tunnel remains sealed on the Israeli side and completely dismantled on the Lebanese side.