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Underwater Observatory

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The Underwater Observatory in Eilat is a comprehensive aquarium complex where it is possible to view more than 500 species of sea life. You will see fish, coral reefs, turtles and several types of sharks. In addition to the gallery component, the Observatory is also dedicated to the study of marine life and conservation. 

Above ground is a man-made aquarium. Here the sea creatures swim behind glass in a contained space. You are invited to witness shark feeding as well as fish feeding; the latter occurs several times throughout the day. 

Meters away from the main complex is a white tower, loosely resembling a lighthouse. While it’s not immediately obvious, the tower extends an additional 6 meters underwater. Once inside, you can look out of the windows under the sea and catch site of marine life; fish swimming around in their natural habitat. 

You also have the option to take a 20 minute excursion into the sea aboard The Coral 2000. Unlike most boats, this glass bottom boat has 48 windows and sails 1.5 meters under the sea. You will experience a truly stunning view of the coral reefs and fish, while feeling like you are swimming alongside these creatures.