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Western Wall Tunnels

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Kotel Tunnels,

Located just to the left of the men’s prayer area at the Kotel, is the entrance to the Tunnels. Following the Six-Day War and Israel’s reunification of Jerusalem, the Ministry of Religious Affairs approved a plan to excavate the entire length of the Western Wall.

When it was initially proposed, the project was considered by some to be controversial. In addition, a number of challenges arose and only after about 20 years of digging, archaeologists unearthed 2000 years of Jerusalem History. These findings included aqueducts from the Hasmonean period, ancient cisterns, and remains of a Herodian road parallel to the Temple Mount.

The Western Wall Tunnels allow you to physically walk under the Old City of Jerusalem. You will be taken underground in order to visit a chunk of the Western Wall which you would be unable to see from ground level. You will have a chance to pray at a portion of the Wall which is considered by scholars and archeologists to be the closest point to the “Holy of the Holies”. You will see rocks and stones, pottery, and authentic structures; all of which help to explain the construction of the Second Temple and the important history of this area.