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Guided Tours at the biblical City of David

  • Set foot inside the oldest neighborhood in Jerusalem
  • Wade through water in an underground tunnel
  • Enjoy a spectacular view of Jerusalem spanning the entire city
City of David which runs parallel to the Temple Mount, is the oldest neighborhood in Jerusalem. While the surrounding areas have been built up and renovated, The City of David remains much like it was thousands of years ago. Constant reminders of past civilizations are everywhere. Stroll through remarkable homes from the Biblical Period and a Canaanite fortress. Walk through the intact underground tunnels. Since biblical times, the spring inside Hezekiah’s Tunnel has been providing water.

You will have the opportunity to get a firsthand view of the ancient water system which used to serve as a main water source to the City of David. While the spring inside Hezekiah’s Tunnel does not supply water to the City of Jerusalem today, the water still flows. You will have the opportunity to wade through up to 70cm (28 inches) of water. Because of the spring’s underground location, blocking out any natural light, your walk will be illuminated purely by flashlights.

After you come back up from the underground spring, prepare to be amazed by the City of David’s astonishing view. Look out onto the Old City of Jerusalem and its historic landmarks. Meanwhile, admire the contemporary buildings and skyscrapers along Jerusalem’s skyline.
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Entrance City of David
Additional Info
When walking through the underground tunnel, the use of candles or walking barefoot is strictly prohibited. Water shoes and Flashlights, which are required to enter the underground water tunnel, will not be provided. You may purchase these items at the gift shop.

The tour is NOT handicap accessible. Be prepared to walk up and down stairs.

For 10 New Israeli Shekels, you may rent a storage locker to place any of your belongings in during the tour.

Please note that the price for the City of David Guided Tour is:

Adult: 57 NIS (Israeli Shekel)
Child (3-18): 43 NIS (Israeli Shekel)

You book directly online through the City of David.