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Tel Aviv
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Israeli Cooking Workshop

  • Join us in the Abraham Hostel lounge in a fun social setting
  • Learn the tricks of making your own homemade shakshuka
  • Make new friends while immersing yourself in eggs and fresh tomatoes

18:00 - Meet in the communal kitchen in Abraham Hostel Tel Aviv

19:30 - Enjoy your shakshuka with friends old and new

20:30 - Workshop ends

NB: All times are approximate

Much like the people that populate this corner of the middle east, Israeli cuisine is a melting pot of many different cooking styles and dishes from around the world, and full of flavorful, colorful, and healthy foods!

One of those dishes, which you may have seen grace many a restaurant breakfast menu in Israel, is ‘shakshuka’.

Shakshuka, an oven-roasted tomato-based egg dish that originates in North Africa and made its way to Israel, is now a staple of the Israeli kitchen. It is healthy, delicious, and suitable for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! In this workshop you will learn the tricks of making your very own, homemade, shakshuka.

Bring your friends and family, and meet us in the kitchen of Abraham Hostel in Tel Aviv. The freshest local ingredients will be waiting to be made by your hands into the most delicious shakshuka we can make. As shakshuka is a meal made for sharing, bring a friend! If you are traveling alone, don’t worry – shakshuka brings people together!

So come join us, and learn an easy, quick, and tasty meal (main ingredients – eggs, tomatoes, and a lot of love) to make for your family and friends when you get home.

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Weekly Availability
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  • Ingredients
  • Cooking instruction
  • Full meal
Meeting Point
Tel Aviv - Abraham Hostel
Dropoff Point
Tel Aviv - Abraham Hostel
Additional Info
Dietary and Religious Requirements
As a communal meal we unfortunately cannot cater specifically
to those with dietary (ie: Gluten/Lactose intolerance) or
religious restrictions (ie: Kosher/Halal).