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TLVstyle Boutique Tour - PRIVATE tour

  • TLVstyle
TLVstyle is a bespoke and personalized service into the beating heart of Tel Aviv’s fashion scene. Get a true insider's view and be exposed to Israeli hidden boutiques, independent stores and up-and-coming designers. See the hidden gems of Israel fashion from a veteran expert from the local scene. TLVstyle introduces to you current and emerging designers in a relaxed and informal way. The tours are tailored and based on pre-filled questionnaires which allows tailoring a unique experience to individual or group based on their profile and interests.

TLVstyle can be a chauffeured tour, taxi or walking tour. Founded by Galit Reismann, a veteran of the Israeli fashion industry,
TLVstyle is a bespoke and personalized service, allowing you to intimately immerse yourself in the Israeli fashion world and creating a direct and informal encounter with the world-renown as well as the new and emerging innovative Israeli fashion scene. Galit has experience as a fashion agent, producer and curator introducing prominent Israeli designers to international markets. Combined with her love for Tel Aviv, its atmosphere and the personal stories of the people and places, Galit has made TLVstyle a unique combination of services reviewed and recommended by international magazines, blogs and TV shows. 

TLVstyle offers: Personalized fashion tours into the beating heart of Tel Aviv’s fashion scene for individuals, groups, buyers and foreign journalists – women and men in all ages. The tours include: Fashion Accessories tour, Green Fashion tour, Judaism tour, Arts & Crafts tour, Bridal tour, styling tour and more.

As this is a private tour the itinerary can be adjusted to suit your preferences.
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  • Snacks and Beverages along the tour
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  • Transportation from location to location (can be chauffeured or taxi),