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Tel Aviv
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Urban Art Tour in Tel Aviv

  • Explore the side streets and alleys of Tel Aviv.
  • Learn and see the Israeli alternative art culture.
  • Meet fellow travelers and locals.treet artists

Tour Florentine and Nahalat Binyamin neighborhoods which are home to many popular Israeli graffiti and street artists known around the world. During your tour, you will see many different forms of graffiti and street art and will learn how to identify pieces by some of the best known Israeli street artists.

Besides exploring Graffiti, you will get the chance to discover one of the top ten hip neighborhoods worldwide, Florentine (on Sundays, Mondays and Saturdays). Florentine is full of unique people, cafes and restaurants that give you a chance to pick your next favorite spot to grab a bite or a cold pint of beer at!

Join us and step into the colorful world of Street Art. Explore the rundown mazes of warehouses covered in graffiti and receive the key to unlocking Tel Aviv’s fascinating urban art scene. This experience will help you better understand current happenings in contemporary Israeli culture while gaining a unique insight into Tel Aviv lifestyle.

Florentine Tour:

Departs on Sundays, Wednesdays (10:30) and Saturdays (16:30)

Nahalat Benyamin Tour:

Departs on Mondays (16:30), Tuesdays (14:30) and Thursdays (16:30)

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  • Guided tour
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  • Snacks and Drinks
Meeting Point
Tel Aviv - Abraham Hostel
Dropoff Point
Tel Aviv - Abraham Hostel
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Things to bring:
Sunscreen and hat
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